Let your body rest in peace, not your Digital Legacy

Ensure your digital wealth ends up in the hands of those you love most with Leggado.Digital. Securely register, organize, and plan all your online assets in one place, so they don't get buried with you and live on in your family's pocket.







There are 3 absolute certainties in life

You're born with nothing, you'll be taxed to death, and eventually, you'll die.

Nobody likes to think about death. It's something that happens to the schoolmate you haven't seen in ages, the neighbor down the hall, or the cashier at the supermarket, but to you... never, impossible. Yeah, right. The cemetery is full of people who thought they'd live forever. Their tombstones should say: 'Rested in peace, but left a big mess for their family.'

The problem isn't that you'll die (I repeat, you will die), but the ticking time bomb you leave for your family who has no idea how to access your digital businesses and assets or the money you've made online. And you don't even have to die. Just being incapacitated is enough.

Your digital legacy can be immortal (you can't)

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
Protect your assets and ensure they are inherited by your family.

Detects a fatal event, triggering your digital inheritance.

Assign someone you trust to access the information.

Single panel for your digital world: assets, passwords, and documents.

Ensure your loved ones receive the necessary access information.

Digital Legacy Planning and Inheritance app screenshots


Still living clients say:

tania andrew
Víctor Millán

Journalist and writer at escribe.pro

"I hadn't given much thought to what might happen if I were gone, but I knew that if it happened, many of my online stories would be lost in limbo. One day, I had a scare that forced my partner to take care of something urgent in one of my online businesses. I realized how difficult it is for others to manage something only you handle. I didn't know of any solution for this except a simple password manager I use. Leggado.Digital fulfills its purpose perfectly. It's easy to use and straightforward. It helps me keep a legacy of digital assets stored and organized in case something happens to me, and also to audit everything I have online and on my computer right now. It has great value as an archive and inventory itself. Plus, knowing there's a team of lawyers behind it is the best."

100% Risk-Free

We offer a 15-day no-questions-asked refund guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leggado Digital?

It is a digital legacy planning and inheritance application through which, in case an unforeseen event happens to a user, the people designated by the user as beneficiaries will be informed about the user's assets and will be able to identify and locate them, thus minimizing the possibility of an asset being unclaimed. The service offers additional services to protect users' assets and ensure they get the support they need during the claiming process.

It depends on the size of your digital estate. The more assets, the more time it takes to register them. But think of all the time invested as a gift to the future protection of your family. Plus, when you see everything organized, registered, and planned, you'll have a mental satisfaction like never before.

Yes, that's what Tiantian Kullander (30 years old) thought when he unexpectedly died. He was the co-founder of Amber Group, a cryptocurrency trading platform recently valued at three billion dollars, or Pavel Nyashin (23 years old) who had a small fortune thanks to Bitcoins and passed away in 2018.

Your digital assets and passwords change continuously. This forces you to make a new will with each change. Associate Leggado.Digital with a new will and forget about that problem.

What isn't registered doesn't exist for us. Therefore, we won't be able to inform your family about it. Once you decide to keep your digital estate in order and use Leggado.Digital, it's best to update your latest digital assets and belongings weekly or monthly to avoid this problem.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions or need help.

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